Top 5 Famous Archers (Fictional and Historical)

If you like historical stories, you have probably come across different archers. Though some stories may be fictional, archery was an essential skill in the civilisation and histories of various countries, even if they were only myths. Here are some of the best world archers you need to know if you haven’t come across them yet.

Minamoto no Tametomo

This was a legendary samurai warrior who took part in the 1156 Hogen Rebellion. Historians say that his left hand was at least 15cm longer compared to his right hand. This allowed him to be more accurate with his arrow shots. He is even said to have sunk an entire ship with one arrow.

Nasu no Yoichi

In between the years 1180 and 1185, the Minamoto clan had another legendary samurai, Nasu no Yoichi. The Minamoto clan fought the Heike during the Genpei War and defeated them, making them flee to their boats.

Although the Minamoto clan chased with their horses, they could only go as far as the sea. However, Nasu no Yoichi shot and killed a warrior from Heike on their boat.

Horace A. Ford

If there is one archer that goes down in history as one the best world archers in the United Kingdom is Horace A. Ford. He won 11 championships consecutively since 1849 and made a record score of 1271, which went unbeaten for over 70 years.

Robin Hood

Not only is Robin Hood, a legendary English archer, he is also an inspiration in movie creations today. He was a significant historical figure and a skilled archer.

Fred Bear

Fred Bear was a man of many talents. He was a bow hunter and manufacturer, a television host and an author from America. He became Detroit Archers’ first president, which is the oldest archery club in Michigan.

The names above are a must-know for any archery fan.