Why Archery Is a Great Sport

Archery is a fantastic sport for all ages and offers significant health and social benefits, and a chance to compete all over the United Kindom and the world. Archery isn’t played at a stadium, such as football. You can find all stadiums for the Euro here, while archers strive to make it to the Olympics. Here are a few reasons why archery deserves more consideration as a sport.


Many sports require concentration under chaotic circumstances. For example, horse racing requires strength and concentration to get past obstacles and move through the dangers of a pack of horses. It is easy to see this on a horse racing stream which can be accessed on an iPhone or Android phone. However, archery requires consideration of movement in an outdoor environment. The dangers of other competitors are less but the concentration required to judge the wind and weather conditions, as well as timing when the sun is out, is considerable.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is important for building a connection between the brain and muscles. Many of the things that can prevent good hand eye coordination are related to the way people feel and think. For example, a person that is so angry will find it easy to stop moving or twitching the body when doing some archery. Someone that is obsessing with something that has just happened will find it hard to think about the wind direction and weather changes that could happen instantly during archery practice. Being able to control the mind and identify what emotions are detracting you from good archery is valuable for developing better hand-eye coordination for many different people.

Social Benefits

Many competitive sports are great for socialising with other people during and after the competition. Socialising with others is great for the mental health of people because we are social animals that need to feel accepted. A sporting club of archers gives people something to instantly bond over, and many relationships can form from this.

Archery is great for the physical and mental development of people. Hence, the sport should be considered for everyone.