Archery Teams at the Olympics

One of the great things about watching archery events at the Olympics is that viewers can choose to watch either the individual archers compete with one another or watch the team matches. Real archery enthusiasts will schedule a time to watch all of the events offered in this sport because of the level of excitement that comes with it.

The teams

There are some specific criteria set for the team competitions at the Olympics. Every team consists of three players. They must belong to the same gender. They must all be from the same nation.

Each team will participate in what is called a ranking round. This is to determine the ranking position of each team. To determine this, the scores of each team member is added together and then based on this total, they will be ranked between one to twelve. This gives a seeding that is used for the knock out brackets.

Team matches

The matches are relatively simple. How to match up the teams is determined by using what is called a set system but the difference is the arrows that are used to increase to six instead of the normal three used in a set system. The score from the accumulation of the points achieved with the six arrows is added up and the team with the highest score will get two points. In case of a tie, each team receives one point. The winner of the match is declared when the first team reaches five points.

Shooting sets

Groups are comprised of three arrows and each member of a team has to shoot one arrow in each group.

In the event of a tie after four sets have been completed, each team has to have each of their three archers shoot an arrow. The team that can get an arrow closest to the middle will be the winner.

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