Different Types of Archery Competitions

Target archery is probably the one type of archery that most people become familiar with when they first start taking an interest in this sport. It isn’t long before they soon discover that there are several other types of archery competitions that can draw new athletes into this sport and broaden the interests of the spectators.

Target Archery

This is the form of archery that you are going to see athletes participate in at the Olympic events.

Field Archery

Field archery has some of the same characteristics as what target archery does, but the big difference is in the variation of the distances that the targets are placed at as well as the competitions being held in different terrains which are usually more rugged compared to some of the other archery versions.

3D Archery

A great many people are against using live animals for the purpose of the sport of archery. A great solution for this is the game of 3D archery. Fake animals are used for this version of the sport. The fake targets that depict animals have rings marked on them that would depict the kill if it was a real animal.

Clout Archery

This version of archery is perhaps one that is not quite as familiar to many. It is still comprised of using a target but of a different nature. The targets, in this case, are circles on the ground that are marked with a marker flag. The archer’s goal is to drop the arrow into this circle.

Flight Archery

One of the characteristics of archery is not only the speed at which the arrow travels but the distance as well. With target shooting, the distance is determined according to where the target is placed. In flight archery, the target is not the objective but how far the athlete can get the arrow to travel. This takes a lot of space as arrows can travel a very long distance.

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