Archery World Record

With archery being such an exciting sport, it is gaining popularity both in terms of participation and spectators. It now plays a very prominent role in the schedule of events for the Olympics. There are many outstanding archers that are involved in the sport both on an amateur as well as professional level. Most of these athletes dream of setting the world record. For one such athlete, this dream has become a reality.

Of all of the competitions, the recurve record and who ranks highest in this. It will not come as a surprise for those who follow archery to learn about Kim Woojin’s recent record-setting. It begins by taking a look at the ranking round for the 2016 archery event for the Olympics for this particular year. The maximum number of points that can be scored by an archer in the ranking round is 720 points. Mr. Woojin came out of the round with an accumulation of 700 points. Now, how impressive is that!

History dictates that this is the first time a score of 700 or more has ever been achieved in the recurve. This feat has set a world as well as an Olympic record. As a result of this-this amazing archer’s accomplishment has just set the bar higher for future archers intent on breaking records in this sport.

This was not as an accident of fluke for Woojin. He came into the round with the intent of meeting or surpassing the 700 score. No doubt he was encouraged to do so based on the previous record of 699 points that were achieved back in 2012 by Archer Song Hyun.

For those who are not familiar with this round, it is made up of of 72 arrows. By the time Kim was down to his last twelve arrows he needed to accumulate 118 points out of the 120 that were potentially available to him. The rest is history as Kim set the new record.

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